The new Toyo VX23D has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s discriminating digital photographer. From the fully geared movements to the finely calibrated scales, the smooth operation of the Toyo VX23D enhances the performance of the highest quality digital backs.

Compatible with all current digital backs, the camera is available with either a Graflok adapter for use with backs featuring Live Video (such as Leaf) or a sliding adapter for those digital backs that do not. The Graflok adapter allows a digital back to be securely attached to the Toyo VX23D just as if it were being attached to a roll film camera; the sliding adapter offers two positions: one for focus and one for recording the image. Simply make your camera movements in the focus position and slide the back into the capture position to take the shot.

The Toyo VX23D works with all view camera lenses, as well as those designed for higher resolution of digital backs. Standard lens boards will be available #0 & #1 shutters. There are also future plans for additional lens boards to support Hasselblad and Mamiya lenses.

Toyoview 23D


toyoview 23D


toyoview 23D


The Toyo 23D is a full featured view camera offering all the advantages for perspective control and focus you have come to expect, in a reduced compact size with all controls and movements optimized for the digital photographer. In addition to the physical size of the camera, the geared movements have also been scaled for optimum control.


The 2x3 format maximizes stability of the camera by keeping the digital back close to the center of gravity. The reduced size of the rear standard allows the weight of the back to be as close as possible to the most stable part of any view camera, the rail. Even with the lighter weight backs of today as compared to years ago, the digital component of the complete system still weighs significantly more than the film holder traditional view cameras were designed to handle.

Geared Movements

Most view cameras offer little geared control. Movements are set and locked using friction. The cameras that are geared, are considerable more expensive than their counterparts, costing several times more. The Toyo 23D offers the best of both worlds as rise/fall, tilt and focus are fully geared ensuring the movements are set accurately. What’s more, the gears are also calibrated to the reduced movements photographers use when working with digital cameras.

Compatibility with All Digital Backs

Through the use of Toyo’s own graflok mounting adapters, photographers can use any digital back they wish. Unlike other brands, the standard fitting, and range of mounting solutions allow photographers to use multiple backs brands, models and mounts all on the same camera without the need to switch bodies or remount expensive lenses. The fixed mount adapters provide full functionality for all digital backs with Live Video focusing. The sliding adapters allow all digital backs to be set to one position for focusing and composition and then the back can be slid into place for the exposure.

Compatible with All Lenses

Although the newer lenses designed especially for the small pixels of digital backs provide the highest image quality possible, there are tens of thousands of older lenses designed for film photography in the field. Whether for budget reasons or for special purpose photography, many photographers are still using these older lenses. The Toyo 23D lets the photographer select the lenses they want to use and is compatible with all copal #0 or #1 mounted lenses or lenses mounted in the Rollei electronic shutter.
When using the Rollei electronic shutter system, exposures are electronically controlled to provide the ultimate in accuracy and consistency, with all controls operated from the computer. In addition to firing the shutter, the f/stop and shutter speed can also be computer controlled; this allows the most efficient method of making corrections since the exposure is already evaluated by the photographer at the computer.

Compatible with the Toyo System

With 50 years of cameras out there, many photographers have extension rail, lenses and other accessories that are compatible with the 23D. This compatibility ensures and protects the investment they have made and gives confidence that the products will be supported beyond the next generation as well.

The Future

Toyo has always been an innovative company planning for the future needs of photographers. Additional accessories are already in works to make the 23D even more complete. Lens boards for Mamiya lenses, as well as Nikon and Canon are in development as well as a complete line of focusing and viewing aids.


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