The Toyo View 45C, 45GII & 45GX monorail system cameras accept manyprecision-made modular accessories designed for all Toyo 4x5 folding fieldand studio monorail cameras. The accessory system contains many professionaltools to solve specific challenges and adds to the 45C & G's versatilityand convenient operation. In addition, the cameras accept a wide varietyof state-of-the-art digital backs for electronic imaging.

Carry Case
USA#Int'l #Item/Description
180-905 (8091)AluminumCarrying Case 45C/GII, 22.5" x 12" x 16.5", 16 lbs
180-886 -Carrying Case 45GX, 20.5"x 12" x 19.5", 16 lbs

Spirit Level
Dual Axis Spirit Level replacement.
USA #180-713. Int'l #(8071).

Lens Boards
TOYO Lens Boards are die cast with holes for rigidity and precision flatness.Please consult the manufacturer of your lens for exact details on requiredlens board size before ordering. Listings below applies for most brand lenses.
USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-601(10101)#0flat, 158mm square, for 90mm - 150mm lenses
180-599-#1flat, for 180mm - 210mm lenses
180-600-#3flat, for 240mm - 800mm lenses
180-602(1129)#0recessed, 158mm square, for 47mm - 90mm wide angle lens
180-619-#1recessed, for 90mm-155mm wide angle lens
180-620-#3recessed, for 90mm-155mm wide angle lens

Mounting Wrench
Lens Mounting Wrench for #0 and #1 shutters.
USA #180-625. Int'l #(4511).

Lens Board Adapters
Use TOYO Lens Board Adapters to attach lenses mounted on other brand orsize lens boards to TOYO cameras. TOYO monorail view cameras use a 158mmsquare lens board size. TOYO-FIELD 45A II, 45AX, 45CX and 23G use 110mmsquare.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-631(1052)TOYO45A to TOYO 158mm Flat lens board adapter
180-632(1057)45Ato TOYO 158mm Recessed for 45-90mm lenses

USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-628(1051)Linhofto TOYO 158mm flat lens board adapter
180-627(1056)Linhofto TOYO 158mm recessed for 45-90mm lenses
180-638(117)LinhofLens Board flat undrilled

USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-607(8054)Sinarto TOYO 158mm flat lens board adapter
180-605(1050)Graphicto TOYO 158mm flat lens board adapter
180-637(5081)GraphicLens Board #0

Compendium Lens Hoods
Attaches to front camera standard. Flexible and adjustable bellows typelens hoods for all lenses from 65mm up. Swing Up Mount allows easy accessto lens controls. Use optional extension rods with 180-626 Pro Hood forlarge lenses.
USA #Int'l #Item/Description
180-626 (8060)ProCompendium Hood including 3", 4" and 5" gel filter holders
180-608(8062)Extension Rods for above
180-610(8063)Spare Gelatin Filter Holders setof 3", 4" and 5" for above

Tripod Mounting Blocks
TOYO tripod mounting blocks feature quick clamp fittings for easy removaland attachment of cameras to tripod.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-714(8008)54mm Tripod Mount Block features 1/4" &3/8"sockets. Standard on most TOYO-VIEW 4x5
180-724 (8208)70mmTripod Mount Block features 3/8" sockets. Standard on TOYO 5x7 and8x10

Interchangeable Bellows
TOYO G/GX bellows have a wide internal frame to minimize internal vignettngwhen using extreme movements. They will fit all current models of TOYO 4x5cameras including TOYO VX125 and ROBOS 45 and Omega-View models 45F and45C. Early TOYO D45 models may require modification to bellows.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-690 (10102)4x5 Standard Bellows, 420mm forG/GX/VX125/C
180-692 (10122)4x5 LongBellows, 750mm for G/GX/VX125/C
180-693 (11421)4x5Wide Angle Bellows, 310mm for G/GX/VX125/C
180-1008 *-4x5 Standard Bellows, 420mm for G/GX/VX125/C
*45D & 45E cameras must be sent to Mamiya America CorporationService Department for bellows replacement.

TOYO-VIEW modular 39mm diameter monorails are used with all TOYO-VIEW camerasfrom 2x3 to 8x10 format. To extend the TOYO-VIEW 45C beyond 450mm, replacethe fixed monorail with a Basic monorail (#180-740) and add extension monorailson either end.
G/GX Basic monorails have 2 female ends and accept extensions on both sides.The special end caps act as a tool to attach and detach G/GX extension monorails.See instructions provided with them for use.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-740(10106)250mm GX Basic, (black) includes 2- G/GX end caps
101-8007*-G/GX End Cap Tool to attach and remove GX rails
*Availablethrough Toyo repair parts department. Select Ask Toyo to order.

G/GX Extension monorails have one end cap with a thread in it and may becontinuously added for extreme extension. They require the G/GX Basic railspecial end caps for attachment.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-742(10115)150mm G/GX Extension (black) accepts extensions
180-741 (10107)250mm G/GX Extension (black) acceptsextensions

GB Extension monorails have one fixed end cap and one threaded end and maybe added on either side of a BASIC rail or at the end of a G/GX Extensionrail.
USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-746 (8313)150mmGB Extension (black)
180-744 (8311)250mmGB Extension (black)
180-745 (8312)500mmGB Extension (black)

Fixed monorails are lightweight and economical, and cannot be connectedto G/GX or GB monorails.
USA# Int'l #Item/Description
180-716 (8810)450mmFixed, (black) standard on 45C
180-711 (8811)250mmFixed, (black) short fixed rail for wide angle lenses

Intermediate Standard Frame is used to connect two bellows in between thefront and rear standard of a TOYO-VIEW camera. It has manual tilt/swing/shift / rise movements for bellows adjustment.
USA #180-831. Int'l #(8081).

Format Conversion Accessories
To convert TOYO 45GII & 45GX to 5x7 or 8x10 format: add rear frame,ground glass back back, choice of bellows and additional Basic and Extensionmonorails as needed.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-859(8404)57GIIRear Frame (black)
180-821(8105)5x7Vertical/horizontal Back with ground glass & fresnel lens
180-705(8102)5x7 Standard Bellows 500mm
180-706(8121)5x7 Wide Angle Bag Bellows
180-707(8122)5x7 Long Bellows 750mm
180-860 (8504)810GII Rear Frame (black)
180-824(8504)8x10 Vertical/horizontal Back withground glass
180-708(11602)8x10 StandardBellows 700mm
180-709(8221)8x10 WideAngle Bag Bellows
180-710(8222)8x10Long Bellows 1200mm

Replacement Camera Frames & Backs
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-857(8303)GIIFront Frame fits 45GII,45GX,57GII,810GII
180-858(8304)45GIIRear Frame
180-853(10803)45GX FrontFrame
180-854(10804)45GX Rear Frame
180-820(8705)4x5 Vertical/horizontal, non-revolving4x5 Back
180-805(8005)4x5 360°Revolving Back

Digital Back Adapter & Quick Sliding Roll Film Back Adapter &Accessories
The TOYO/KODAK DCS 465 Digital and regular TOYO QS adapter have a carriagethat slides a digital back or roll film back and ground glass in and outof place for fast change from ground glass focusing to shooting. Built-indark slide engages when ground glass is in film plane. Fresnel lens andacid etched focusing screen are included.

180-832 version accepts the KODAK DCS 456 Digital Back only. Shutter adaptersupplied by KODAK dealers, replaces the TOYO 4x5 ground glass back.

180-719 model fits all Toyo 4x5 cameras and all brand 4x5 cameras with internationalgraflock type backs by simply removing the ground glass frame.

The TOYO QS adapter accepts all 6x7cm and 6x9cm graflok type roll film backsincluding TOYO.
USA# Int'l #Item/Description
180-727 &
-Mamiya RB67, Graflex, and Horsemanbrands in 6x7 and 6x9cm.
180-832-K465TOYO Sliding Adapter for KODAK DCS 465 DIGITAL BACK
180-719(1045)UniversalGraflok Sliding Adapter for TOYO 45C /Graflok
180-810(1039)FoldingFocusing Hood for 180-832 & 180-719
180-811(1040)MonocularFocusing Hood w for 180-832 & 180-719
180-727(8032)TOYO67 6x7cm 120 Roll Film Holder for 180-719
180-728(8034)TOYO69 6x9cm 120 Roll Film Holder for 180-719

Ground Glass Focusing Screens
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-802(217)2x3 Acid-etched Grid Ground Glass replacement for180-719
180-801(9615)4x5 Plain GridGround Glass standard with 45C only
180-814(8015)4x5Acid-etched Grid Ground Glass standard on all TOYO 4x5 except 45C
180-815(219)5x7 Acid-etched Grid Ground Glass
180-817(1815)8x10 Acid-etched Grid Ground Glass

Toyo Fresnel Lenses
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-804(216)TOYO Fresnel Lens 2x3, for 23G, Quick Sliding RFAdapter
180-818(212)TOYO Fresnel Lens4x5, for all Toyo 4x5 except 45C/D
180-803(9016)FresnelLens Kit with spacers for 45 D, C, E, F
180-816(213)TOYOFresnel Lens 5x7

Focusing Hoods
TOYO 4x5 focusing hoods have swing-away frames and attach to all TOYO-VIEWand TOYO-FIELD 4x5 cameras. The swing-away frame enables fast access tothe entire ground glass for critical viewing with any loupe.

4x5 Folding Focusing Hood fits all TOYO 4x5. Folding Focusing Hood cutsextraneous light and acts as a protective cover for the ground glass.
USA #180-808. Int'l #(2006).

4x5 Flexible Monocular Chimney Hood with 1.5x eyepiece. Flexible MonocularChimney Hood cuts out all extraneous light and has a built-in 1.5x eye piece.
USA #180-809. Int'l #(1024).

4x5 Binocular Reflex Hood. Reverses image right side up viewing. Includesvertical/horizontal frame, 1.5x binocular eyepiece and adjustable mirrorangle to allow for right side up viewing.
USA #180-812. Int'l #(1026).

4x5 Balloon Focusing Hood. Compact and folding Balloon Focusing Hood usesbag bellows material to provide easy access and viewing of the ground glass.
USA #180-841. Int'l #(11425).

USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-822 (2206)5x7Folding Focusing Hood
180-813 (8226)8x10Binocular Reflex Hood

Focusing Magnifier & Focusing Cloth
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-301 -TOYO 3.6x Ground Glass FocusingMagnifier with neckstrap & built-in Rubber Eyepiece & ground glassguard
180-302 -TOYO - ProFocusing Cloth 36 x 48", Black&White, Velcro

4x5" & 8x10" Precision Cut Film Holders
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-903(10141)Twin Pack TOYO 4x5" Dbl. Cut Film Holder fitsany 4x5
180-910 (10142)4x5" replacementdarkslide for 180-903
180-908 (1841)TOYO8x10" Double Cut Film Holder fits any 8x10
180-911(1840)8x10" replacement darkslide for 180-908

Precision 120 Roll Film Holders
TOYO 180-725 & 180-726 120 roll film holders have a 4x5 graflock mountingplate to fit any 4x5 camera with removeable graflock ground glass backs.TOYO 4x5 backs also allow use of these holders without the removal of theground glass. Film travels across back without curving for plane for superbfilm flatness.
USA# Int'l #Item/Description
180-725 (8031)TOYO67 / 45 120 Roll Film Holder 6x7cm. For any 4x5 camera.
180-726(8033)TOYO 69 / 45 120 Roll Film Holder 6x9cm. For any4x5 camera.
180-727 (8032)TOYO 6x7cm120 Roll Film Holder for 180-719 QS Adapter
180-728 (8034)TOYO6x9cm 120 Roll Film Holder for 180-719 QS Adapter

Calculating Extension Required For Close-Up Photography
In order to calculate the total amount of bellows and monorail extensionneeded for close-up photography, use this formula: R x F + F = EX
R (reproduction ratio)
F (focal length in mm)
EX (extension in mm)
Let us say you want to photograph at life-size, or 1:1, using a 150mm lens.The amount of extension needed would be: 1 x 150 + 150 = 300mm.

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