The Toyo Field 45AII and Toyo Field 45AX 4x5 technical field cameras acceptmany precision-made modular accessories designed for all Toyo 4x5 foldingfield and studio monorail cameras. The accessory system contains many professionaltools to solve specific challenges and adds to the 45AII and 45AX's versatilityand convenient operation. In addition, the 45AII and 45AX accept a widevariety of state-of-the-art digital backs for electronic imaging.

Extension Back
4" (100mm) Extension Back.100mm Extension Back attaches easily betweencamera body and back for stable added extension for close-up or telephotoapplications. Up to two extension backs may be added.
USA #180-730. Int'l #(1635).

Infinity Stops
Allows fast set-up of lens to preset infinity position. Several sets canbe installed for use with a variety of focal length lenses (pair).
USA #180-715. Int'l #(1300).

Tripod Mounting Plate
Anti-Twist Tripod Mounting Plate
USA #180-748. Int'l #(12031)

Lens Boards
TOYO-FIELD 45A, 45AX & 45AII cameras accept TOYO 110mm square compactlens boards. Please consult the manufacturer of your lens for exact detailson required lens board size before ordering. Listings below applies formost brand lenses.
TOYO 45A, 45AX & 45AII accept 90mm lenses on flat lens boards with totalmovement capability or down to 65mm lenses on flat boards without movementother than infinity focus.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-621(1601)45A#0 Flat Lens Board for 90mm-150mm
180-622(1601)45A#1 Flat Lens Board for 180mm-210mm
180-640(12040)45A#0 12mm Recessed WA Lens Board, for 58-75mm lenses*
*12mm recessed boards are recommended for 58-75mm lenses and provide easy access to lens controls.

Mounting Wrench
Lens Mounting Wrench for #0, #1 shutters. Plate. Spanner wrench specificallydesigned to secure lenses with #0 or #1 shutters on drilled lens boards.
USA #180-625. Int'l #(4511)

When using recessed lens boards for the TOYO-FIELD 45AII and other brandsof compact lens boards, Angle Cable Release Adapters are mounted betweenthe lens and the board to allow easy access to cable release.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-641(12045)AngleCable Release Adapter for #0 shutters
180-642(12046)AngleCable Release Adapter for #1 shutters

Lens Board Adapters & Linhof Lens Boards
Use TOYO Lens Board Adapters to attach lenses mounted on other brand orsize lens boards to TOYO cameras. TOYO-FIELD 45A, 45AX & 45AII and 23Guse 110mm square lens boards.
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-635(1631)LinhofTechnika to TOYO 45A
180-638(117)LinhofLens Board, flat undrilled
180-631(1052)TOYO110mm 45A to TOYO 158mm Adapter Board
180-632(1057)TOYO45A to TOYO 158mm Recessed Adapter Board

Compendium Lens Hoods
A lens hood is essential for the elimination of extraneous light and flare,which can seriously deteriorate image contrast and sharpness. It is particularlyimportant when working in the outdoors where sun and bright skies can causeflare in even the finest multi-coated lenses. The Toyo Pro Compendium LensHood works with a wide variety of lens brands and focal lengths, and flexiblyadjusts regardless of the lens position or camera movement used. It alsofeatures a swing-up mount for easy access to shutter controls. Since largeformat cameras accept a wide selection of lenses from many manufacturers,you might need a variety of filter sizes. The Toyo Pro Compendium Lens Hoodprovides an elegant solution with the use of standard gel filter holders,both 3" and 4". Additionally, optional Extension Rods (#180-604)can be used with the built-in mount frame to extend the hood out furtherfor very long lenses.
USA# Int'l #Item/Description
180-623(1660)ProCompendium Hood w/ 3" & 4" square gelatin filter holders
180-604(1662)Extension Rods for above
180-609(1663)Gelatin Filter Holder set 3",4" square for above

Replacement Camera Frames & Backs
USA # Int'l #Item/Description
180-805(8005)4x5360° Revolving Back
180-820(8705)4x5Reversable Back. Non-revolving back weights 8 ounces less than revolvingback

Digital Back Adapter & Quick Sliding Roll Film Back Adapter &Accessories
The TOYO/KODAK DCS 465 Digital and regular TOYO QS adapter have a carriagethat slides a digital back or roll film back and ground glass in and outof place for fast change from ground glass focusing to shooting. Built-indark slide engages when ground glass is in film plane. Fresnel lens andacid-etched focusing screen are included.
180-832 version accepts the KODAK DCS 456 Digital Back only. Shutter adaptersupplied by KODAK dealers, replaces the TOYO 4x5 ground glass back.
180-832 K465 TOYO Sliding Adapter for KODAK DCS 465 DIGITAL BACK
180-719 model fits all Toyo 4x5 cameras and all brand 4x5 cameras with internationalgraflock type backs by simply removing the ground glass frame. The TOYOQS adapter accepts all 6x7cm and 6x9cm graflok type roll film backs includingTOYO 180-727 and 180-728, Mamiya RB67, Graflex, and Horseman brands in 6x7and 6x9cm.
USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-719(1045)UniversalGraflok Sliding Adapter for TOYO 45C /Graflok
180-810(1039)FoldingFocusing Hood for 180-832 & 180-719
180-811(1040)MonocularFocusing Hood w for 180-832 & 180-719
180-727(8032)TOYO67 6x7cm 120 Roll Film Holder for 180-719
180-728(8034)TOYO69 6x9cm 120 Roll Film Holder for 180-719

Ground Glass Focusing Screens
Features corner-to-corner viewing, with translucent, acid-etched centimetergrid lines. Printed reference corners for 6x7cm and 6x9cm roll film formats.
USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-802(217)2x3Acid-etched Grid Ground Glass replacement for 180-719
180-814(8015)4x5Acid-etched Grid Ground Glass replacement

Toyo Fresnel Lenses
Fits under ground glass for bright, even illumination with all lenses fromwide angle to telephoto.
USA# Int'l #Item/Description
180-804(216)TOYO Fresnel Lens 2x3 replacementfor 180-719 &180-832
180-818(212)TOYOFresnel Lens 4x5 replacement

Focusing Hoods
Focusing hoods eliminate the need for focusing cloths. In the field, wherewind and other elements can pose problems, focusing hoods are highly effectiveand convenient. Toyo offers several solutions. Interchangeable on all Toyo4x5 cameras, all Toyo focusing hoods feature a fast attaching spring-loadedpin and lock design. They also swing away from the ground glass for easyaccess to the entire focusing screen when using a focusing magnifier orloupe.

4x5 Folding Focusing Hood fits all TOYO 4x5
The Folding Focusing Hood is a valuable accessory which is included withthe 45AII. It conveniently protects the ground glass while backpacking andeliminates the need for a focusing cloth in most lighting situations.
USA #180-808. Int'l #(2006)

TOYO Fresnel Lens 4x5 replacement
The Monocular Focusing Hood has a single 1.5x magnifying eyepiece mountedatop a flexible rubber hood for light-weight and compact packing. It eliminatesall extraneous light and can be used for corner-to-corner viewing of theground glass. When detached from the camera, it can also be used as a magnifierfor viewing an entire 4x5 transparency or negative on a light box.
USA #180-809. Int'l #(1024).

TOYO Fresnel Lens 4x5 replacement
The Reflex Viewing Hood eases eye strain and allows convenient right- side-upviewing. The image remains reversed from right to left. The Reflex ViewingHood features a special swing-away mounting frame. The frame has twin slidelocks that allow fast and easy attachment of the Reflex Viewing Hood invertical or horizontal position. In addition, it has a removeable 1.5x twinmagnifying eyepiece.
USA #180-812. Int'l #(1026).

TOYO Fresnel Lens 4x5 replacement
Compact and folding Balloon Focusing Hood uses bag bellows material to provideeasy access and viewing of the ground glass.
USA #180-841. Int'l #(11425).

Focusing Magnifier
The Toyo 3.6x focusing magnifier is placed directly on the ground glassfor critical focusing. The long tubular design offers a comfortable distancefor viewing and has a rubber base to protect the ground glass.
USA #180-301.

Focusing Cloth
The traditional solution to viewing the ground glass image. 36x48"washable black polyester cloth has white side for reflecting heat whileshading the camera.
USA #180-302.

4x5" & 8x10" Precision Cut Film Holders
To match the precision of the all-metal 45AII and 45AX cameras, Toyo manufacturestheir own precision sheet and roll film holders. The 45AII and 45AX alsoaccept other brands of sheet and roll film holders including 6x12cm panoramicbacks, Polaroid® Instant Proofing Holders, Kodak Readyload® andFuji Quickload® film holders.

Twin Pack TOYO 4x5" Double Cut Film Holder
With precision metal septum, durable construction and exacting film planetolerances within 0.003". Dark slides slip in and out smoothly withoutever disturbing holder position. Wide flap opening permits easy film loading.
USA # Int'l#Item/Description
180-903(10141)TwinPack TOYO 4x5" Double Cut Film Holder
180-910(10142)4x5"replacement darkslide for 180-903

Precision 120 Roll Film Holders
These are designed with a 4x5 mounting plate for easy and direct insertioninto Toyo 4x5 camera backs without removal of the ground glass. May alsobe attached to any brand view camera with Graflok back.
TOYO 4x5 backs also allow use of these holders without the removal of theground glass. Film travels across back without curving for plane for superbfilm flatness.TOYO 180-725 & 180-726 120 roll film holders have a 4x5graflock mounting plate to fit any 4x5 camera with removeable graflock groundglass backs.
USA #Int'l #Item/Description
180-725(8031)TOYO67 / 45 120 Roll Film Holder 6x7cm For any 4x5 camera
180-726(8033)TOYO69 / 45 120 Roll Film Holder 6x9cm For any 4x5 camera

Calculating Extension Required For Close-Up Photography
In order to calculate the total amount of bellows and monorail extensionneeded for close-up photography, use this formula: R x F + F = EX
R (reproduction ratio)
F (focal length in mm)
EX (extension in mm)
Let us say you want to photograph at life-size, or 1:1, using a 150mm lens.The amount of extension needed would be: 1 x 150 + 150 = 300mm

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